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Thinking of Selling? Here is where you need to focus

Selling your home can bring up a whole host of anxieties. You start looking through a buyers eyes and it can all seem very overwhelming. Here are a few tips on getting your house in order for the viewing pleasure of your prospective buyers.

Declutter those surfaces

Kitchen counters like to collect mail, homework, pens, unnecessary appliances, and other every day items. See just how clear you can make them. Find and alternative place for that mail. Find a cabinet to put that blender in (maybe the one that consists solely of orphaned container lids?). Maybe store those random cleaning items under the sink instead of on it. The point is clear those counters and demonstrate your ample counter space.

Unnecessary knick knacks need to find a box. Yes, those art projects your children made you for Mothers Day are special, but can probably find a temporary home tucked away for now. Clean those dresser tops! Still collecting baskets? They will be fine in the garage for now. Trust me. Bathrooms are another area of focus when decluttering. Get those toiletries off of the sink. Maybe put one of those baskets to use.

There are a few companies that can help you simplify that clutter. Here is a link to Tianna & Co. Organizing Management

Pre-listing Inspection

One very valuable tool to add to your arsenal as a seller is a pre-listing inspection. It's nice to go into the transaction with your eyes wide open as to what could come up with your home after an accepted offer. Inspections are relatively inexpensive and give you the heads up on how to get your home in tip top shape for your buyer. There is nothing worse than getting an inspection report back from a buyer and seeing your beautiful home is a sea of "biological growth," leaky pipes, and electrical fires waiting to happen.

I am a big fan of offering the inspection to the buyer with a response to the items that you have fixed or are in the process of fixing at the beginning of the transaction. Your buyer will love that they don't have to necessarily pay for their own (although they are still entitled to do so) and you will prove to be a very upfront and honest seller. Plus it speeds up the time to get to the closing table by weeks!

Here is a link to my favorite inspector Elliott Home Inspections for any further questions and pricing.

Paint? Definitely Maybe

To paint or not to paint that is the question. Are your walls obnoxious? Then you should probably paint. Neutral? You are probably fine, unless like me your children have done a number to those beautiful walls. Kids are gross man. A fresh coat of paint will clean things up nicely. If you are painting just because you think everyone likes gray then don't bother. Chances are the new owners will have paint opinions of their own, so let them knock it out. Another option is offering a paint allowance. If you know it needs to be done and you are just not feeling it, offering money at closing for paint helps buyers at least see past that orange accent wall that you had to have after a drunken night on Pinterest.

Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home will be the buyers' first impression. Let's make it a good one. I can photoshop a blue sky in, but that overgrown landscaping is all you bro. There is only so much you can do in the winter months, but every little bit helps. Have a yard gnome fetish? Really into those gazing balls? Now is not the time to let your freak flag fly. There will be plenty of of room to show your individuality at your new home. Let's tone it down a little while we are trying to get buyers to picture where their own deer decoy is going to be strategically placed.

Don't Over Think It

The main take away is don't over think it. If you chose to do a major renovation prior to selling, don't spend more than you will make back on the sale. There are a few things that spending a few thousand on may be just what you need to push your house up ten thousand. Sometimes countertops, or flooring can do that for you, but most of the time a nice tidying up and some general maintenance are all you need to achieve your desired purchase price. Be reasonable and please, for the love of all that's holy, listen to your realtor. They've done this a time or two. Happy Selling!

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